“Cow Barn-Serenade” – The influence of classical music on animals

On invitation of the “Friends of the Basel Symphony Orchestra” I gave a short lecture at the Hofgut St. Margarethen in Basel on the topic “Harmonical structures and their psychological and physical influence on humans and animals”. The reason for this was an experiment in which dairy cows were “served” classical music. It seemed to be a lot of fun for me – and also for the cows – and for all those present to get involved in this experiment, because both the cows and the ‘Friends of the Symphony Orchestra’ were “all ears” – both for my presentation and for the following classical music 🙂

Thank you very much for inviting me to this exciting event at the St. Margarethenhof – a wonderful place which I will gladly visit again and which I recommend to everyone, especially the restaurant “Schällenursli”, which offers an exquisite range of delicious meals in the summer months!

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