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Short Biography

Born in Basle, Switzerland. School and highschool education in Basle. Business school diploma VHS. Studied “Music and Performing Arts” in Germany, graduated at the “State’s Theater Karlsruhe”, Germany (GDBA). Freelance actor in various theater and musical productions. Speaker and composer for film, radio and commercials in Germany and Switzerland. During 6 years under contract with “Basle Theater” as actor and composer/sound designer under the direction of Horst Statkus.

Theatrical productions (as actor and/or composer) a.o. with: Friedrich Beyer, Jürgen Kruse, Hermann Molzer, Mark Zurmühle, Anna Badora, Herbert König, Peter Lotschak, Horst Siede, Volker Hesse, Heinz Trixner.

Commercial production (as voice over artist and/or composer) a.o. für: Lufthansa, The Really Useful Company, Miele, Novartis, Ciba Speciality Chemicals, Swissair, Crossair, Nivea, Peugeot, HQ Assessment & Training Solutions, VW, Buena Vista Films, Ikea, Movado, RTL, TUI.

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