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How to record my voice

Live in a recording studio

Call me and make an appointment or send me a message via internet, and we will meet in your studio or a studio of your choice. If this is not possible due to reasons of distance or time we can also make recordings via ISDN audio-link

Via audio-link

If you have your own audio-link equipped recording studio or if you have such a studio nearby, you can link up to my studio, no matter whether your equipment uses APT, APT-Extended, CDQ Prima, MusicTaxi, Telos Zephyr or Roadrunner codecs. If you’re not sure whether our studio codecs are compatible, just send me a short message and I’ll answer it right away.

Via telephone patch

Even if you don’t have your own recording studio, an audio-link or a recording facility in your vicinity, I can provide you with high-quality recordings – and the possibility to join me during the recording session. All you need is a simple telephone. Simply connect to my studio and you can assist the recording session live and give me directions. Only a few minutes later the recorded takes can be downloaded from my ftp-server!

As an alternative I can offer you a live-stream. While we’re communicating over phonepatch, an AAC live transmission of my studio output is broadcas via internet. Simply record this live-stream with your own DAW!

Short and sweet

No time for a recording session? Why don’t you send me your text by e-mail or telefax – I will send you the soundfiles in whatever technical format you need by mail or I will send you a link to my own ftp-server where you can download them.