Hollywood calls!

As a sequel to the movie “Da Vinci Code” a new production with the name “Angels and Demons” and based on Dan Brown’s book “Illuminati” will come to cinemas worldwide in May 2009 – starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and many other well known actors such as Ayelet Zurer or Ewan McGregor. Since director Ron Howard wants parts of the dialogues between the Pope’s Swiss Guards to be in original Swiss German, I was contacted and asked whether I could take care of the Swiss German dialogue coaching. That’s what I call a rethorical question 😉

Beside translating the dialogues into pure Swiss German I was recording the lead tracks for the actors. They now have to learn their lines by heart, so that afterwards, on the dubbing stage, everything will be lipsynch – and Swiss German, of course 🙂

Is this Hollywood-A job going to lead to my first credit on the big screen? I don’t know yet, but it has been a great honour for me to have a chance being part of such a great production.

Angels and Demons

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